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Amanda J Shaw
Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Virtual Assistant

Hey! I'm Amanda!

I have lived in the Ottawa area most of my life. Throughout my life, I have developed a passion for helping others, which is why I started offering virtual small business solutions over the past couple of years. 


When I first started offering those services, I was doing it on a very part-time basis, in addition to my main business; A Basket Full Of Creativity. A Basket Full Of Creativity was a way that I could make use of my creative side as well as my passion for helping others. I had the pleasure of creating beautiful Gift Baskets for Children, preparing Loot Bags for Kids parties as well as creating Corporate Baskets and Adult Baskets. 

In January 2020, I decided to close A Basket Full of Creativity Event Design & Gifting Boutique, to allow me to focus on creating a brand that would allow me to grow more as a person while allowing me to help others in a variety of ways.  As part of my brand, Amanda J Shaw, I have started Amanda's Virtual Small Business Solutions, which currently focuses on assisting small businesses with services such as: administrative support, developing virtual organization methods, social media management, online customer services, and the list goes on.  As part of my virtual small business solutions, I have had the pleasure of working with various businesses within various industries. During the Summer of 2020, I took some time and realized that something was missing- I hadn't been working with an industry that I had a strong passion for; that industry was the Real Estate industry. Shortly after discovering that; I started working with a couple of amazing Real Estate Representatives in the Ottawa area, and soon after that I grew to work with other Representatives in other areas of Ontario. Most recently, I have the pleasure of working with businesses in the industries that I want to focus on- Interior Designers, Home Stagers, Professional Organizers and Residential Cleaners.

My brand is not just a brand, at least not to me, it's a way that I am going to continuously be able to assist small businesses, grow as a person, support local Ontario businesses, and much more! I would love for you to stay in touch and follow along as I continue to follow my passion of helping others. 


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