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3 Ways Being Organized Can Help You Have A Successful Business!

Have you ever dealt with a business and thought "Geez, they seemed so unorganized." or "My goodness it was like the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing."? This is quite likely because the business that you dealt with was lacking organization in some way.

There are many reasons why being organized can help your business. Here's just a few reasons.

  1. Being organized can help you meet deadlines- We all know that life gets busy and we all make mistakes. If you don't use a calendar, or some kind of planner to write all of your deadlines down; then there is a good chance that you could miss deadlines. Taking a few moments each week or at the beginning of the month, and writing all of your deadlines down in a calendar such as Google Calendar or a Digital Planner; can make all the difference in meeting deadlines, which in the end can affect whether your business is successful or not.

  2. Being organized can help you with achieving goals- you may have goals such as: wanting to work with a minimum number of clients each month, or being able to take some time off of your business for a vacation. Without having some organization in your business; how is that possible? Let's say you want to work with 10 clients each month; you need to make sure that you have everything organized for each project, know exactly where the contract is for each project, make sure that they are invoiced on time, etc. If you want to be able to take a vacation; you need to make sure that you have sent all of your clients invoices out before your vacation so that you still get paid, have implemented an auto-response in your emails so that clients aren't left hanging, given your clients a heads up about your trip so they can make arrangements on their end if they need to, etc.

  3. Implementing systems into your business can help you with being organized- for example: without an on-boarding system; you could be all over the map each time that you agree to working with a client. You could easily forget to get your client to read and sign a contract, or you could forget to let them know about your policies. By implementing an on-boarding system, such as a step by step workflow; you're limiting the chance of forgetting something as well as you're helping to build trust with your client. If you have a system in place; they are more likely to realize that you truly mean business and that you are a legit business.

There are many other ways that being organized can help make your business a success, but those are 3 big ways. Do you find that you business is lacking in organization? It may be time to re-evaluate how you do things in your business, and start working on getting organized. If I can be of assistance; let me know!

Stay tune for the launch of this 2023 Digital Planner that I have created. It's sure to help you with being organized!

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