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Always Remember You're Value!

Am I charging too much? Are my skills not as valuable as I think they are?

These are are questions that Business Owners often ask themselves, especially after a potential Client questions their pricing.

Clients often only see a price; they don't see what all goes into that price. They don't see the time that you spent to gain your skills, the costs associated with a business (program costs, electricity costs, the cost of internet, the cost of your time, etc.). This often can lead them to questioning a price.

When this happens; it's important to remember the value that you bring to their business, and help them realize it. You can outline how many years of experience that you bring, how you gained your knowledge, let them know all the great programs and systems that you have invested in which they will be making use of by hiring you. Once you help them realize how much value that you truly bring to the table; hopefully their opinion will change, and if it doesn't then they aren't the right client for you! Don't be afraid to say no to working with a client.

Check out this great Guide- Customer Service Mistakes that negatively affect your business! It will help you provide your clients with excellent customer service, which will bring great value to your business.

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