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Taking a break is not an option, it is required!

First off, thank you for taking the time to check out my website. If you're anything like me; you are hardworking, determined and feel like you are always on the go. While it is great to be hardworking and determined; it is important to take time for you. Whether it is taking a trip somewhere, taking a nap, sleeping in, or just taking a walk down by the water; you need to take a break!

When we don't take breaks; we tend to end up feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Feeling burnt out isn't good for us. This past Summer, I stepped away from everything, to enjoy a trip with my Boyfriend and visit his Family down East in Newfoundland and PEI. While I love my Clients and I love what I do; it was so nice not to have to respond to emails, and just be able to go visiting, sightseeing, and enjoy relaxing.

Murray Harbour, NL

If you're ever looking for somewhere to escape to; both Newfoundland and PEI are perfect choices! They have amazing beaches, lighthouses, Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place (PEI), and many other beautiful places to see! Take a break and go check them out! Thanks for reading, Amanda xx

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