Real Estate Resource Directory

About the Directory

The Benefits

  • Gain potential new Clients

  • Gain exposure for your business

  • Be part of the new up and coming Directory

  • Save 10% off Amanda's virtual solutions

  • You would be supporting LOCAL/ Ontario Businesses

  • Potential for new business collaborations

Is this Directory the right choice for me to advertise in?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, a Residential Cleaner, a Mortgage Broker, a Landscaper, a Real Estate Photographer; or another type of business that works in the Real Estate industry in some way- this is perfect for you! This Directory will be advertised within the industry as well as to the general public.

How much will this cost me?

You are going to LOVE how affordable this is! If you want to pay monthly,which means you will get an Invoice every month, it’s $17 a month or if you want to purchase for 12 months it’s $180 which works out to $15 a month. Please note: the 10% discount on Virtual Assistant services is only available with the 12 month purchase.

Will this Directory be advertised?

Absolutely! This Directory will be advertised on Social Media, especially on Facebook (in Groups and Paid Ads). It will be advertised to both, businesses in the Real Estate industry as well as to the general public.

What type of Businesses are welcome to be listed?

With this Directory being a Real Estate industry Directory; business that work within this industry or that could work with this industry are welcomed. Business such as: Residential Cleaners, Real Estate Representatives, Real Estate Photographers, Mortgage Brokers, Professional Organizers, Home Stagers, Landscapers, Business that offer gifts for Clients and Employees, etc. If you're not sure if you're business is meant for this Directory, please feel free to email

How does payment work?

Don't worry, making payments is a very easy and straightforward process. For those that purchase a 12 month, payment is required upfront. Payments are required to be sent via email transfer to If you are choose to go with the monthly option, payments are required on the same day that you confirmed your listing details, for example: if you confirm on the 5th of the month that you would like to be apart of this Directory, then your payment will be due on the 5th of each month.

Will any business within the industry and within Ontario be accepted to list in this Directory?

If your business works within the Real Estate business and is based in Ontario, we would love to talk to you! Please note that although our focus is on the following Ontario cities: Ottawa, Toronto, London, Guelph, Kingston, Belleville, Niagara Falls, North Bay, Hamilton & Windsor; we do accept businesses in other areas in Ontario.

Want to become a Real Estate Resource?