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Amanda's Small Business Directory

About the Directory

Why should you list your business(es)?

  • Gain potential new Clients

  • Gain exposure for your business

  • Receive shout-outs for your business on social-media

  • You would be supporting LOCAL/ Ontario Businesses

  • Potential for new business collaborations

Is this Directory the right choice for me to advertise in?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, a Residential Cleaner, a Mortgage Broker, a Landscaper, a Real Estate Photographer; or the owner of any other type of business- this is perfect for you! This directory is promoted on Instagram and all over Facebook, including in Facebook groups. Amanda is all about supporting small businesses, so she is here in anyway she can help your business!

How much will this cost me?

You are going to LOVE how affordable this is! For a 6 month listing; it is only $74 which works out to $12.33/ month or for a 12 month listing it is only $130 which works out to $10.83/ month.

Also, as of October 24th, 2022- specials are available for business owners with multiple businesses! Email Amanda at, with the names of your businesses, and she will give you a special offer!

What type of Businesses are welcome to be listed?

This directory originally started out as a real estate directory, so it started out with Interior Designers, Residential Cleaners, and other businesses that work with or in the real estate industry; listing their businesses. As of September 2022, all types of Ontario businesses are welcomed. If you wish to list your business; please email

How does payment work?

Don't worry, making payments is a very easy and straightforward process. All initial payments are due upfront and can be made via email transfer, debit, or credit. When it comes time for your listing to be renewed; Amanda will be in contact with you to get your next payment from you.

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