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Preparing for 2024

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

It's crazy to think that we are only a month and a bit away from ringing in 2024! Making sure that you are prepared for the New Year, both personally and business wise is important!

If you haven't started to prepare your business for the New Year; there are many ways that I can assist to help lessen the load for you! For starters, I can help you with cleaning up your email inbox. You may have hundreds or thousands of emails just sitting in your inbox; and no idea where to start in order to get them organized, but that's okay! I can help! Between unsubscribing from emails that you no longer want to receive, creating folders, and moving emails into different folders; your inbox will be more organized in no time at all.

It's also important to make sure that your Google Drive is organized! For those that don't know- Google Drive is an excellent place to store photos, receipts, invoices, contract, etc.; however, if it's not organized, then it can be hard to find anything! I can help you get that all organized, by simply creating new folders and putting your documents into the proper folders.

The next time consuming, but important, part of getting prepared for a New Year is making sure you have any new documents created for your business, for example: handouts, policy/procedure manual, employee handbook, brochures, information booklets, and any other documents that you may need for your clients/ business. The documents that we need for our business change often; especially if we plan on growing our business in the New Year.

Another task that is important to work on is your data entry/ database maintenance. It is important to make sure all new Clients have been added to your database, update your current Clients information, etc. Now is also a great time to make a switch to a new database program; if you have been thinking of switching.

Lastly, invoicing and creating new job listings. If you have been falling behind on invoicing; now is the time to make sure you get all caught up- this will prepare you for Year End. If you have been considering growing your team; now is a great time to get those job listings ready, so that they can be posted as soon as you are ready!

This may seem like A LOT to get done before the New Year, but just know that you are not alone. Those are all tasks that I have helped Clients with before, and I would love to help you with them as well.

Make sure to get in touch soon before my availability fills up!

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