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Communication is Key!

Have you ever been told "that's not what I ordered" or "that's only part of what I asked for" or even "that's not what you quoted me"?

Did you know that is something that you may have been able to prevent through effective communication?

It is very easy for someone to misunderstand, or forget details when communication is not done in writing. It is for that reason that I do EVERYTHING in writing with all of my Clients. It doesn't matter if it is someone just inquiring about my services, or if it's a Client of mine that I am discussing a specific project with; it's all done in writing.

Having everything in writing can save you money! For example: lets say a Client asked you to create something for them, so you do it, and then when they see the end results; they tell you that's not what they wanted. All that time you spent, has now gone to waste- yes, you may still charge them for it, but it's still time wasted! If you had it in writing; you could have gone back in your messages and re-read what they asked for, and then backed up your work with the messages!

It is important to find an effective way to communicate with each of your Clients.

Another part of communicating effectively with your Clients; is how long it takes you to respond to them. Do they have to wait a week or longer to hear from you, or do they only have to wait minutes to a couple of hours?

Clients often don't want to or can't wait a while for a response, and if they feel they have to wait too long then they may look elsewhere for services, so it's important to take a moment and look at that aspect of your business!

If you find that you are not communicating as effectively as you could be with your Clients; then you have to make some changes.

Your change may be as simple as just hiring an Assistant to focus on responding to Clients emails!

After reading this, take a moment and think about how you currently communicate with your Clients and make note of anything that you might need to change.

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